Friday, January 27, 2012

Trying to settle.

While I posted some things on facebook.  

Navarre is having a hard time adjusting to not have as much work.  He is getting stiff and needs to be worked in order to loosen him back up.  This is all due to his PPSM, EPSM... which ever your vet uses... they both spell ISSUES in my book.

Sweet Pea has an abscess on her hind left foot and is getting warm mid day salt soaks with a little iodine to help.

The kids feed, hay and turn outs have been adjusted to a non working schedule and in doing so Navarre is pissy to put it nicely.  He is pushing, pulling, and out right tearing down fences in order to get out eat more, and do more.   He wants to RUN, eat, play but not in his pin...

He is not used to staying at home all day as when were were training I rode them everyday! I got them out on the road at least once a day and he just upset!

Life goes on, I can only hope he adjust soon.
tired of mending fences...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

So.. failure of ride, and invasion from painters.

If you are looking for a fun loving post, you may as well pass on today.

I am barely in survival mode.  The settle of Sweet Pea no longer being in danger, the cleaning of my gear, the acceptance of utter failure, and then on top of that my kitchen and bath being painted and putting ALL my things in the dinning and living rooms.    So I have lived for a week with the environment of only having one place on the sofa to sit and the chair empty so two can be in the living room, and a path from the bath to the kitchen.  For those of whom have no idea of my house, let me just explain... I live in barely over 700 square feet, I run a business from this space and try to function as best I can but I am at my wits end...

The failure is a constant cloud over my head... or as in the commercials a fluffy house coat of utter depression. The fact that my gear has YET to find a new home; as Jerry had allowed me the dinning room for prep and during the trek it now has to find a place with humidity control, free of mice (meaning I can't put it in the barn) and some type of temperature control so I will have it for years to come.  This is becoming hard to figure out, but I am at this point thinking maybe next week I can focus on the bird room... move their emergency things and put my equine things below their stuff.  But I have yet to figure out the storage in my mind so this is still in my Living room as I type.

I have JUST today gotten things back in the kitchen, thrown out a large box of items ... no lids, no bottoms etc... broken things, and things I just don't use anymore.

I am ANGRY, upset and need LOTS of compassion in my life right now but as usual I feel so alone! What's new? NOTHING! I mean please I've been cleaning, taking care of, and re doing things for weeks now and I have absolutely nothing to show for it.  My kitchen is already a mess, as there are things on the counter I would kill to have a new home for. I am sure my floors will be littered with MUD by 5pm as I go the barn and have at some point to re enter my home with my shoes still on.... and then where are they to stay, dry and be warm for the early in the morning as I prepare to do the same... and track in only more mud for the house to collect.

LIFE never ends and I am TIRED of CLEANING! I am tired of having to work out all the problems and make life flow effortlessly ... as if it ever did or ever will.

Angry at the world....
? ms angry...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sweet Pea

While the ride is NO MORE! my little girl is recovering, which at this point is all that matters.

I am cleaning and unpacking all my gear, creating more of an emergency survival kit if nothing else.

While both horses are resting at home, I am trying to figure out how I can get Sweet Pea to WANT to do this ride with me.  Want is a human term, but there was no other reason I could figure except standard stress, her being home sick? or what ever!

She and I have traveled.  I have even taken Navarre with us when he was younger BUT this was a while back and I will have to get her mind back into traveling.  I had no idea with all our daily outings her going home at night would be such a big deal.

Still looking into Acupuncture, It worked wonders on my little "BOY" (papers were Moonsweep) so this is still an option IF I can find someone good enough to do it around here.

Not giving up on the ride but I'm starting a new training plan!

Today was a beautiful day, but I couldn't ride, I've got two horses and had I taken Navarre out alone Sweet Pea would have gone crazy worked herself into a sweat and gotten sick again.

It is what it is... allowing them to rest this week, back to our normal trips up and down the mountain and around the neighborhood next week.


Monday, January 9, 2012

That first night~

I stood out in the rain with the horses till sun down.  I wanted to make sure they were comfortable, wanted to watch for any issues they may want to get into.  I got out there PM feedings got them taken care of and set to boil water for my dinner.

Your basic freeze dried dinner. I choose my worst choice for that first night, knowing I would want something better and better as time went on the road.

Pasta premivera ? sp   was that first freeze dried meal.  I boiled water in the open with no issues due to such warm weather.  didn't even take a full fuel cell.  I boiled enough for one dinner, (almost 2 cups of water) and enough left over to warm my morning coffee from home... that last good pressed stuff! and the strong tea I had made for this very reason.

I let the meal sit for its 8-10 minutes lit my candle lantern, and set in to write all this out long hand.  And that is exactly what I did.  BUT I will say with all the salt in those freeze dried packets I drank more water than I have ever craved, and got up 6 times to "excuse myself" in the rain!  Of course I am sure I bothered the kids each time I exited the tent.

I had left reflectors on the kids, (their legs) and his nose,  along with one bell on each horse for my light sleeping and wanting to know how they were moving about. ( and if something came around and alarmed them ) something besides their snorting would get my attention.

I got up and down, up and down all night, finally re-reading my earlier long hand, enjoying the re-cap and settling back down.  I had carried a shake up flash light for just such times, so not to waste my batteries or my storm matches.

When I did finally get up and fed the kids in the dark about 6-6:30 I gave them their early AM rations I started packing up all my gear... You know getting the air out of the sleeping bag, the air pad, figuring out the balance on Navarre's packs so one was not heavier than the other.  Moving things for the top middle pack so it was more EMPTY in the middle... as this was the issue with my tent and emergency canvas shelter for them.  They just didn't have enough of a well to sit in on top of the second layer but under the rain cover layer.  bla blah blah... Its all a puzzle but SO important.  While doing so I made myself a bowl of oats, coffee, and a cup of tea for later in the day.

Just as I figured it all out the sun was up enough I could turn off the headlamp and go check on the kids.  I knew the tent was still EXTREMELY wet but it wasn't raining.  As soon as I opened the tent flap I could barely see the fog was so thick.  So I figured I was going to have to wait on the fog, I went to check out the horses, Sweet Pea acted like she was trying to sleep Navarre only wanted more food, playing with every zipper tag I had extended (for better glove grip)  on my jacket.  I left them alone because brushing them in this weather was going to do no good except to make them more wet.    So I went back in did some texting... and the bell started ringing... ????

Sweet Pea was shaking,  So I blanketed her and she stopped...
As the fog got a little better, I could at least see to the highway I started working on Navarre... he does after all take a lot more time with all that hair... the bell started again... I loved on her she still felt warm to the touch... Then the hind left leg started kicking...  So I took off the reflector and gave her a rub down from hip to ankle... she settled for a while as I worked on Navarre again...   Then the kicking of her stomach, the stretching of her entire body, the lower neck stretch with her mouth open as if she needed to burp (horses can't burp) I untied her to see what she would do.    Navarre got all agitated all of a sudden....and DOWN she goes... OH no you don't!  I got her to stop called everyone! Come get me I can't do this! SP is sick... come NOW!

I get her eased up a little, walk her down the hill and back up.  Navarre is all separation anxiety...type of craze.  Mel is out exercising... Jerry ? is worried as am I  I get the blanket off SP is REALLY look her over and she is sharply distended and shallow breathing... Walk Walk Walk.. So I walk both the kids as we wait I take ONE arm load of supplies to the end of the drive each time we go.. I knew the truck and trailer would never make it up the hill in the mud... AND there was no where to turn it around.   I asked Jerry to follow Mel in my car for my gear so not to delay the horse care with my personal issues of supplies.  I got their hay, one bag of food ( theirs and mine) and my emergency supplies to the end of the drive so 6 trips in total as we waited.  I still had 4 more days of food... my tent set up and my back pack, riding coat, warm layer, sheep skin, and all of Sweet Peas gear to get down the hill.    blah blah blah...

All in all with in an hour Melanie and Jerry were there and we had the kids at the vet!   We were at the vet till after 5pm working on Sweet Pea and getting her in a stable state.  I was lucky he was so close. I was lucky I could take her home.

So with dehydration, distended gut, no poop ( in reserve) only mucus , high temperature, and no gut sounds on the left... we were lucky!   DONE.... but lucky all the same.

It's Monday as I type this and I am do depressed, but I'm lucky I had most of this written out long hand, otherwise I would have been over whelmed by all the maps, prepared horse feed, re-supplies,  and everything that I was not suppose to see again till Friday.

I woke up several times in the night crying... and still have a hard time holding it in, BUT... it is what it is and I'm going to figure out something better, and try it again.  I'm not one to give up so easily... but to not be out 24 hours and have to stop!  That sucks to put it nicely!

Even though I was up (what felt like a hundred times) and down that first night, hard to get back into my bivy with out pushing something out of its place... I was enjoying every minute of it.  I enjoyed everything I learned that first day, that first night.  and yes I want to do it all again...

This entire situation is life... and as my mother is likely tired of hearing it... I always say.... Life Happens.

Life does happen, the good, the bad and the ugly.  This is crushing to me today, but as with every life change I'll get over it, work around it and figure out something a little more conducive to Sweet Pea but fulfilling for me.  What is so strange is... I've camped off her for a week with no issues... I've taken her to GA, TN, KY and even short little one day 50 mile races.  What was so different for her this time I have not settled enough to figure out.  I'll just have to do more with them to figure it out and work around what ever I find.  It was the first time I did it with both, but truly... as I steal a quote from a friend... I thought Navarre was my ticking time bomb.    ( it's a daily life issue with him, another story all together)

Continue of first day...

With Sweet Pea standing still watching every move I made as I reloaded Navarre, I worked as quickly as I could and got Navarre reworked and tighter than tight... of which I hate to do to a horse but apparently his hitting into Sweet Pea on a tight road was going to be a weight issue that required him to be restricted as much as I could.

On down the road into the middle turning lane at a good four way.  The light was green so we never had to stop, although the looks did slow down traffic, and it collected behind us.  I waved them on, and took my lane for going under the interstate and on my way.

Under bridges that were each two lanes with wide curbs is not the easiest thing to do with a horse that is as high strung as Sweet Pea and she was fine till the tiny car with another belt or break issue passed us UNDER the second bridge and in her mind turned this concrete tunnel into a monster wanting to swallow her whole.
As we exited the bridges a motorcycle sat at the end of the exit ramp.  This guy held traffic! and I verbally thanked him for doing so.  He uttered words that didn't fully come through over the hoof beats and the traffic from the interstate behind me; but I think he was saying he had or did have horses at some time.   We were fine now being on a small two lane back road.

Our first bridge! Bridges were a concern for me, but we walked across with no hesitation, one car passed us from the opposite direction and a large truck with trailer in tow slowly and nicely passed us from behind.  Once his trailer was dead center with us ??? for some reason he HONKED HIS HORN dead on for a length of time as if aggressive?   I yelled what the ##$#$^ but the horses never flinched and this was exactly what I wanted.  So I was trying to relax in saddle so not to accidentally signal Sweet Pea for an alarm when all of a sudden she is down!

Soft shoulder... her Right hind went down to her knee.  On my leggy little girl that is well over a 12 inch cave in.  She recovered nicely as she normally does (she is the most sure footed horse I have ever had) Navarre stopped I looked her over for cuts... got back on and we were fine.

We were getting near the end of the few miles I wanted for the day and a car passes us, parks, and a man runs back to meet us.  OH!   You never see this on the east coast! Where are you headed? Have a safe journey! he said as he walked along the side of us back to his car and past it.  He seemed to be a sweet man apparently from out west (with the comment), he later passed us from the opposite direction pulling over and taking pictures of us as we went down the road.

We passed a few horses only four but they all rushed the fence,  followed us and got my kids all worked up.  Navarre was hopping trying to get in front of Sweet Pea to get at the horses.  The barbwire fence was only slacked and I was worried the other horses may come over it, but they knew their limit... but nosed my foot they were so close.  So four horses on one side, cars passing us on the other and each car watching the show and action of six horses wanting to get at each other was a site to see!   Had I not been the only human in the shot it would have been a beautiful shot/ photo.  Me holding my two in one hand, swinging her reins with the other... This is what I expected on the trip!   This was fun!

I pulled over once again to check the gear with Navarre and all his hopping! better safe than sorry, as I didn't want another belly pack on the little guy.    I pulled into a drive way and the owner was pulling in.  A weird situation.  ? meaning I'm there I want to stop so I asked him if he knew of a place I could throw a tent? NO? but in a weird tone.  do you know where I might get water for my horses? no again... He wanted to talk about how he thought it was the horses down the road out.  Which made no sense with me... as NOT ONE ... none of them were the colors of mine! and Navarre's pack is the size of him, Sweet Pea's set up was bulky and bigger than her.  ?   I went on my way after! having to take out my canvas cover and throw it on my own saddle so not to repack Navarre all over again.

I went down further, asked one more lady, one more man, then an older couple outside at their yard sale, I asked yet another house.  They all said NO... No they didn't know anyone that would let me... They had no idea!  One said try the other side of the highway.  One said she didn't own the place so she couldn't.    I pulled the kids over for a water hole.  Got them some water as it had just rained anyway so why not!

Pulled back out on the road and the TENT fell off of Navarre's pack... Back to the vacant lot! Tied the tent onto Sweet Pea asked two older kids where I might get water or pitch a tent.  Walmart and the River were their answers.

So I went to the six lane four way stop at CVS, a gas station and Walmart with in sight.... Got in the turning lane and eased my way onto the curb.  a WIDE 20 foot curb... easy going as the rain started to mist.  Got buzzed by one 18 wheeler still in the slow lane next to us. Stopped at the first road, only businesses all closed no outlet, went back to the highway.  Second road.  got down it plenty of houses but a dog that came at us... I figured I'd save that fight for another day.  Back out to the highway again... down a ways and back toward the highway... I went up to a modular with lots of cars... asked for water for the horses. The young man that answered the door ask someone inside.  SURE she said there's the spicket!  Thank you so much!  I asked if there was any place I could throw a tent... she with a long pause said well... you could stay over there, pointing next door!  Is the owner home? I asked.  I own it she said.  Is anyone there I asked.. no it's vacant, but you have to go back out the road and then blah blah blah...   It was a curvy long graveled road but the trailer wasn't 50 feet from her back porch.  PERFECT! Thank you so much.

I gave the horses water before I moved them. walked them and set up their high line.  Pitched my tent, sent out my gps location, called Jerry, Melanie and Daddy.

Life was good but the rain was coming down steady and I got settled in.

More later... that's enough typing for one sitting...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

That first day!

WOW! it all started by finding Navarre OUT of the paddock.  One would expect him to be in the pasture, but NO not my little boy! Navarre was OUT away from any grass etc... I had to unlock a gate in order to let him back in from BEHIND the barn.  I was laughing but alarmed! How perfect is this to start a trek ... with a horse with a metabolic disorder and he's been out eating who knows what for who knows how long.

Sometimes in life you just have to laugh!

Having said that... I got the kids, took them to the trailer and Sweet Pea refuses to get in for the first time in... OH! 6 years! Ok so the light was on and she didn't like it, I eased her in, got the little boy in and we were on our way.

FORGOT my donuts Jerry had gone out to get me! My coke too... I wanted a sugar rush so badly, but it was just not meant to be.

drove to the Y with no problems...
took my time loading the gear onto the kids...
FINALLY got that done in between looking for a friend that I knew was coming my way, but like everything else this morning, I had somehow gotten the WRONG ADDRESS and name from their site, and I had sent her to another place with out knowing it!  So I was staring at every car, every passer by and was hoping she was ok.  (she was fine... it was my fault)

I got down the road... and things were fine.  Sweet Pea as usual wanted a faster pace than Navarre, So I eased into her, had her better and better on the bit! She was looking really good with all the businesses and cars, trucks... only one dump truck at this point.

We were going at our walking pace, her head bent at pole, neck at a good arch, she was a beautiful example of "listening" taking my commands.  THEN as we were taking our second blind curve to worry about traffic my LIFE ... well ... it all rushed to a HAULT.  I turned around as Navarre's line had less slack, and there was NO PACK ON HIM and he couldn't move.   Poor guy had over 200 lbs of equipment ON HIS BELLY, between his legs and could not walk!  Yes I had checked it before leaving, but apparently he is starting to get better and better at this blown belly thing.

MY "MOTHER" voice kicks in unlike my SCREAMING normal voice of everyday!
Your ok... Were ok... as I hold out my arm to stop traffic in a blink curve.  I push the kids into the ditch, allow Sweet Pea to ground tie... and YES with cars, trucks, and my emotional black wall she stands there and doesn't move!   I figured out what all those crazy buckles on the mule pack were for... emergency release as there is no way to get one thing off at a time .. in a knee deep ditch, but still in and out of traffic, as I maneuver from side to side, horse to horse.

I know those of you know don't know me are not going to get any of this! But yes I some how kept my cool till the horses were safe; at which point the SCREAMING voice comes back with a rush of.... DON'T bother me attitude.  Basically I melted once the kids were across the street and I was no longer ( with the help of a man and a woman who saw the whole thing... ) carrying items from ditch through traffic to a parking lot across the way where again Sweet Pea just ground tied and Navarre wanted to eat more grass, which was stressful in its own place for me.   ( Yes I have a horse that can not be allowed to have grass!ANY! ) Proof of I was "OK" till everything else was ok.  Is that I calmly talked to the guy who offered to help me, asking him where they were from, he offered that his wife did all the shoveling at a barn.  They offered me two apples and an orange... I took ONE apple and shared it with Sweet Pea. After they left, so did my mind.

I am normally ok if I can carry about a conversation that has no relation to the situation.  They were the perfect distraction for me in this emergency.  It took me half the time to re-load Navarre, I got back on and on my way once again.

Lots happened... I'll tell you in even more detail later... but I've got to rest...
Much love to the world,
My love to everyone in it.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm up and ready to go!!!!

Six inch survival knife/flent/hammer end... strapped to right leg
first hand emergency kit strapped to the left.

Getting that last cup of coffee down... not to drink too much this morning as to cause myself TOO many stops along the way.  Getting old sucks!

The text messages are coming in so fast I can't get the phone charged at 100%
BUT I welcome each text! and I so enjoy the fact people are thinking of me SOooooo early!

Late for me but early for most of the world.

615 403 1740 is the text welcome center BUT don't expect a text back!

I am putting the phone is airplane mode so I will NOT get anything or respond to anything while riding! You know safe driving they say!   Besides I have no clue as to where my next plug may be! Only one more thing to have on the begging list.

I am all smiles and look forward to a good days ride.  stay tuned to my personal facebook page OR the bucketlist page for updates.

my page is..  and yes it is already in the new timeline! a little strange read it left to right as much as you can... NOT straight down...

my bucketride page is...

I thank EVERYONE for all their help!
I WILL be calling some of you... ALL of you whom were nice enough to allow me addresses and numbers... they are all in my phone, and I will be using them! So stay tuned! ha ha ha

My love to the world,
and may the world watch my back!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh the last minutes...

Oh how these last minutes of waiting are always longer, harder and just painful.
The itch to leave is almost unbearable, but one more warm night snuggled next to my hubby is incredibly more inviting as well.

My mind wonders, my thoughts race... All I need to do is halter the horses in the dark, NOT forget the gate keys... And walk them to the truck and trailer. My fear is that the silly truck will not start or something, but it is always my fear when I am on. Time limit.

Oh the last morning my boots wil be warm!
The last morning I will have French press coffee.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So it appears Saturday is a go..

30 Woodfin Street, Asheville, NC 28801

is the address of the ymca parking lot I am going to leave from.  You can NOT see this place from the road, it is down  merriman going north just before you hit weaverville highway. 

So it appears Saturday is a go..

30 Woodfin Street, Asheville, NC 28801

is the address of the ymca parking lot I am going to leave from.  You can NOT see this place from the road, it is down  merriman going north just before you hit weaverville highway.